Valhalla Bound

With a swing of the bright hawk's wing
Many swords 'pon the hordes do crash
In high numbers all foes do fall
Enemy shields yield to the heroes
Bright shining swords the brave do wave
Brynjas of gold mighty chiefs hold
Axes and spears shorten men's years
To die in bed fills men with dread

Before Hel's door the fallen lay
Bravest go to drink Heithrun's flow
For Freyja's guard go those least marred
For Valhal's days warrior prays
Valhalla bound those weapon found
If brave in deed and free with mead
If field felled fate surely sealed
Valhalla bound those weapon found

Geirfold halvblindi lives in the Kingdom of Northshield.

Documentation for this piece is here.

Winner of the Dreaming Gryphon Prize